Solar winds Club


Solar Winds members buy 6 bottles of wine selected by the winemakers in April and 6 bottles again in October.   They get these bottles at a 10% discount. The cost of the 6 bottles usually ranges from $90 - $120. Your credit card is billed the first business day of the month these months.

Members can choose to be part of the "Dry" club, the "Sweet" club,or the "Mixed" club. They can also specify if they want "All reds" or "All whites" or "Mixed." 

The wines are available for free-pickup at the winery throughout the month of October or April.  If you cannot make it into the winery, we can ship the wines to you.  The cost for shipping 6 bottles is about $20 within NY state or about $25 out of state.

In joining the club, one agrees to remain a member for a minimum of 1 year. After 1 year of active membership, a member can suspend their membership for 6 months for whatever personal reasons they deem necessary (loss of income, pregnancy, etc.) & rejoin later with no penalty.  If a member cancels their membership before one year is up, they cannot rejoin until they purchase the missed shipments.

Questions?  Email Yvonne (aka Bubba) at  


- Get a free tasting for you + 4 guests every month of the year.

- 5% off all purchases (except artwork). This 5% is on top of any other discounts or sales we may be offering.

- Invitations to exclusive Solar Winds Wine Club events, plus free or reduced admission to A Gust of Sun ticketed public events.

- Once a year, special birthday or anniversary coupons.

- Ability to book the winery facilities for private functions at 1/2 the public rate.

- Special January super sales for members only.