About us

Erik & Shane Gustafson's interest in wine developed over many years.  Before they met, Shane had taken a wine appreciation course at Purdue University.  She talked Erik into taking the same class. Shane followed the course by taking the U.C. Davis's online winemaking certification program while working as a full time engineer.  The couple volunteered together at several local wine shops. Shane & Erik decided that starting a winery was in their future.  As Erik was a native of Western NY state, they decided to focus their attentions on the grape growing regions in the state.  Niagara County was an up and coming wine region that showed great promise to the couple, both in the quality of grapes being grown and the growth of the newly formed Niagara Wine Trail

Want to learn more?  Stop by the tasting room and ask about their story.  They can be found behind the bar at the Ransomville location.